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About Us

From looking at the scrapbook my dad put together with my baby pictures to being on the yearbook staff in high school, I have always had a love for photography. After taking a few photography classes and being asked to photograph a wedding in 2007, I decided to turn my passion for photography into a business.


I am a member of Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) and Professional Photographers of San Diego County (PPSDC). I take every opportunity I can to enroll in photography classes and seminars and to improve my technical skills. I also take the time to give back to the local community through donating to non-profit organizations and schools. In addition, I volunteer my skills to photograph for the San Diego Heart Gallery, a traveling photo gallery of children in foster care who are waiting to find their forever families. I am also a volunteer photographer with Red Thread Sessions, a national non-profit which provides adoption photography to families who have recently adopted a child.


To me, photography is about creating an unforgettable image that evokes emotion from the viewer. What I love about photographing people is being able to capture their unique personalities and sense of style. I enjoy interacting with my clients and getting them to relax and have fun during the session. The results speak for themselves.